Biodola Bay

Biodola is one of the most famous beaches on Elba Island and one can easily understand why.

It is close to Portoferraio, in a natural setting of great beauty.
Here the Mediterranean forest quite reaches the sea, where the bottom gently slopes so to create an environment of shallow water.

Just the safety of these waters makes the beach an ideal destination for children and for those who love walking in the water, which can walk among colorful fish.

Here the sand is composed of very fine crystals of quartz and mica, from golden hues and it extends for 560 meters.

Crystal clear waters and fine sand complete the picture, making it a perfect destination for families with children and for those who love long walks on the beach.

Equipped with all amenities, the beach is well connected with Portoferraio by frequent minibus newspapers.

It can be reached from the provincial Procchio - Portoferraio, finding the sign to the beach about half of the course, in both directions.