Отель Эрмитаж 5 звезд Остров Эльба

Open Dates

Do not give up your holidays on Elba Island:
You can organize your stay, without fear of the unexpected!
And with your booking, you will help us support the world of tourism!

If then an obstacle or a mishap prevents you from leaving
If the period you have chosen is no longer good
No problem: you can change the dates!
Without cancel your reservation.

Book early and enjoy a discount up to 20%.
You can change your dates up to 21-14 days before check in

and receive a credit worth your booking, to be used by October 2021 *.

* In case of more expensive reservations, you will pay the difference.
In case of less expensive bookings, you will receive a voucher to use at the hotel.

The offer is not refundable.
Special offer subject to change during the course of the season.
CONTACT THE HOTEL for more information.

Don’t Cancel your travel
Change the date
Save Tourism!


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Для того чтобы запросить дополнительную информацию, заполните нижеприведенную форму.
Поля, отмеченные красной звездочкой (*) обязательны для заполнения.

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Отель Эрмитаж 5 звезд Остров Эльба

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