Beaches And Swimming Pools beach

The exclusive location of the Hotel Hermitage, surrounded by the Mediterranean Maquis at the north end of Biodola bay, will make it possible for you to sink into a completely relaxed atmosphere.
From your room you can go directly down to the fully equipped resort private beach*, where you can walk on the fine sand and dive into the crystal clear water with its countless shades of blue and green.

Snorkeling and fishing lovers will be able to get into the water directly from our exclusive rock terrace and freely enjoy the sea in a natural way and without any unnatural, man-made interferences to be seen.
As an alternative to the beach, the Hermitage Hotel offers 3 sea water swimming pools, where you can freshen up and have a rest undisturbed. Have a swim in the central swimming pool right in front of the building; treat yourself to a cocktail in the aquatic bar on the caribbean swimming pool, where you can take aqua aerobic classes every day, or enjoy a warm bath in the jacuzzi swimming pool, with a stunning view of the sea.

*The private beach is reserved for the hotel guests and is open from 8am to 7pm. Each guest will enjoy 2 sun beds, 1 beach umbrella and a free beach towel is available every day.

  • Resort private beach
  • Central swimming pool
  • Caribbean swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi swimming pool