The Hermitage Golf Club offers a 9 hole golf course which is located at the back of the hotel. It is immersed in the scented Island of Elba vegetation and stands out due to its unique view of the gulf of Biodola, Scaglieri and the Island of Capraia.
The holes are all PAR 3 except for one hole, which is a PAR 4, are CONI approved. The picturesque paths, the gradients, the little hills, the fairways and the greens will no doubt, ensure your games are a pleasant and stimulating alternative to the beach.

The practice course, situated by one of the two artificial lakes in the heart of the golf course, is an extremely unique place, where you will be able to exercise with our special floating golf balls and try your hand over the stretches of water traps.
Our golf course is suitable for golfers at every level and offers beginners the possibility to take lessons with professional teachers, rent golf bags and cars.

The Hermitage Golf Club is located in a green area beside the hotel with a panoramic view over the Biodola bay and offers 9 holes, one PAR 4 and 8 PAR 3.

Golf club characteristics and services

  • 8 PAR 3 holes – 1 PAR 4 hole
  • 1275 mt. of ground with breath-taking views of the sea
  • CONI approved
  • Italian Golf Federation registered
  • Practice course with floating golf balls
  • Lessons for beginners with professional teachers