Chef and Philosophy excellence

Our chef Paolo Balestrazzi began his gastronomic adventure in 1979. Over time his talent started to open doors to some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world, such as events and courses at the Academia Barilla, alongside some of the world’s star chefs.
In 1985 he joined us at Hotel Hermitage, dedicated to directing our restaurants. Chef Balestrazzi prefers ingredients of the highest quality, ideally from zero km, and in his cuisine he uses Italian flavors with great simplicity, elegance and creativity.
He is joined by a team of 42 professionals from the world of gastronomy, most of whom have been at the Hermitage for over 20 years. Together they infuse an undeniable passion and team spirit to each dish they bring to the table each day.

"“The success enjoyed by the cuisine at the Hermitage over the years is the fruit of an outstanding team effort. I like to leave a mark on the offerings at of each of my restaurants, but I always allow space for the creativity and initiative of my colleagues, because each of them can bring out the best in every dish”."