Fuoco di Bosco Restaurant

Light Mediterranean dishes, pizza and barbecue - poolside

This restaurant is the spot to have a light meal, easily on the digestion, and then back to the beach for a swim. At the Fuoco di Bosco Restaurant the tables are poolside and you can eat while keeping an eye on the horizon. From the spectacular kitchen emerge unique dishes, like pasta with fish, fresh salads mixed with vegetables, cereals such as bulgur, quinoa, spelt and rice, while on the grill we’ll cook up a tasty meat or seafood dish right at your table. Our wellness menu, based on vegetables, tofu, seitan and gluten-free ingredients is ideal for vegetarians and those with gluten intolerance.

Every Saturday evening, the Fuoco di Bosco Restaurant offers soirées with live music and big barbecue feasts, especially of lamb and porchetta, and fish – much as the local people would have done in years gone by to cook and celebrate their catch of the day.

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