Hermitage Restaurant italian cuisine

This elegant dining room, adorned with giant fichus and the spectacular terrace overlooking the Gulf of Biodola, is the cornerstone of the culinary experience created by executive chef Paolo Balestrazzi.
The Hermitage Restaurant is the primary restaurant for guests who choose to dine at the hotel.

The menu includes classics of Italian cuisine with a particular focus on Tuscany: cured meats, Tuscan cheeses from Elba, and local beef specialties, Chianina and Sienese. As well as specialties from Parma (our chef’s hometown), such as sweet prosciutto and parmesan cheese. It is hard to resist the rich buffet of cheeses, salads and desserts, which changes every day: ranging from classics, like real Viennese sachertorte, to traditional Elban desserts like Schiaccia bracia, a type of fruitcake infused with local wines.
And for vegetarians, we offer many dishes based on fresh vegetables, tofu, seitan and tasty gluten-free options for those with an intolerance.

Opening hours and Information

The restaurant is open to guests and non-guests.
Dinner is served from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
Gentlemen are requested to be dressed in long pants.